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Manual Driving Lessons

Practical lessons are conducted both around the area local to the pupil and as skill level increases routes will expand and progress onto areas covered by the two local test centres, Worcester and Cheltenham. This variety of roads, from novice to expert will help build driving skills to a level where a pupil will demonstrate competance and confidence in their own driving ability in all situations. Support for learning these skills range from a Visual Teaching System tailored to individual skill sets, computer tablet interactivity to plan maneuvers and situations before attmpting them or for analysis afterwards to identify improvements, verbal coaching and where there is a benefit, instructor demonstration. Using this variety of techniques should enable all learners to realise their potential behind the wheel

Theory Test Tuition

For learners struggling with passing their theory test I can provide 1 to 1 tuition to support both the multi-choice question sets and also the hazard perception clips used in DSA driving theory tests. This can benefit learners who may be struggling to realise where they are going wrong, or just want to make sure they do all they can to pass first time.

Vehicle Maintenance Training

As a qualified mechanic and approved IMI (Institute of Motor Industry) trainer I can offer owner/driver instruction on vehicle maintenance over and above what is required for the Show me Tell me part of the practical driving test. This tuition is tailored to the individual’s requirements and can be discussed directly with me. Costs are the same as a practical driving lesson.