Video Tutorials The following video links were created by Think Driving School and cover key practical learning subjects. Thank you to Think Driving School for their kind permission to show these on this website
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An excellent video allowing you to sit at home and identify how gaps develop at roundabouts without the pressure of cars sat behind you - how well can you do at spotting the gaps?
Key points for driving multilane, spiral roundabouts. Good instructions about signal timing and important observations. Remember to consider other drivers who may take the wrong lanes!
One of the 3 reversing manoevres you may encounter on a test along with tips to put it right if you start steering wrong. Pay particular attention to the amount of observation the driver does and how his slow, controlled speed gives him time to do these.
A reverse park method using the 90 degree turn. Further exploration on this YouTube channel gives an example of the 45 degree method that I also teach. Which one to use often depends on how busy and tight the car park is - learn both is my advice!
New manoeuvre for the test - this video shows a safe way of performing this. Keep in mind how much room the driver is allowing for forward motion once on the right hand side of the road to allow the vehicle to fully straighten parallel with the kerb.
How to judge driving forward (both left and right) into a parking bay. Remember, as in real life as long as there are no cars either side of your target bay, the test allows some crossing of the side lines as long as the finish position is accurate within the bay - try and get it accurate first time though.
Vital reading before you take your driving test…. Fail to prepare = prepare to fail!